• Willkommen

    Ich heiße Frau McGuinness. Mein Schreibtisch ist in Zimmer 203, aber ihr könnt mich fast überall für Unterricht finden.

    I joined the staff at SHHS after teaching German simultaneously in two school districts in the Lehigh Valley and am excited to join another school that places high importance on language learning in a competitive academic and business market that is placing ever-greater emphasis on Global fluency! 

    We all know some German (kindergarten, sauerkraut, doppelgänger, Zeppelin, etc.), encounter German innovations everyday (coffee filters, aspirin, mp3 files, refrigerators), and have adopted many German traditions as our own (the Easter bunny, christmas trees, advent calendars). Perhaps we, therefore, take this global competitor for granted on a world stage that places Germany (82 million citizens in an area the size of Montana) in commercial competition with U.S. (yea, about 48 times larger than Germany) and China (well, the U.S. would get swallowed up there several hundred times over, too) as the world's largest exporters. Check under your kitchen sink, in your laundry room, or medicine cabinet, you will probably find more than one German-made product (Softsoap, Right Guard Men's deodorant, Dial soap, etc.) So, although we hear Spanish more widely spoke on the streets of eastern Pennsylvania, we are handing the Germans more of our hard-earned cash. Yes, I'm a bit of an all-things-German nerd.

    German companies and organizations here in the U.S. need employees with English, Spanish, and Chinese fluency who also speak (some) German (the more languages, the better!). Did you know that 68% of all Japanese university students are studying German. 13% of the university students in Germany are Chinese. A few years ago Google did a survey of employers were looking for in new hirersand found that language skills trumped STEM skills in qualifications in which they were most in need.