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    Dear Families,                                            

          Welcome to my teacher website and I hope your children have enjoyed the beginning of the school year! Be sure to review the News This Week link to the right.  

          Since I update my website weekly (Sundays), which includes important dates, expected lessons, and most importantly, pictures of your children LEARNING, please send me the email address that you'd like me to use this year, if not done already. If you don't see the email, please check your Spam folder first, and if my message isn't there, please email me.

           In September, besides learning how to appropriately navigate our school and 2nd grade classroom expectations and procedures, students will have ample opportunities to grow socially, as well as academically.  This month some of the topics we'll be studying are as follows:

          - lessons about Respect; having a growth mindset; National Hispanic Heritage Month (9/15 - 10/15); STEAM/STEM lessons; Close Reading; and SO MUCH MORE!

            Remember, our NPE Back to School Night is September 26th.  More details from Mr. Heinle will be sent out later in September.  We look forward to an enriching month and don't forget to check out the News This Week link to the right!

    Kindest Regards, 

    Mrs. Clarke - room 126