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    Hello NPE Students and Parents!
    As we start to get closer to our final end of the year grades in Art, I need you or your parent to help fill out a form that tells me what art lessons you have done during your stay at home Distance Learning time. It is a very easy form to fill out and maybe a 9 to 11 year old, can do it on their own, but please check that you filled out all of the information before submitting. The form asks your name, your teacher and to check off what art projects you did from a list. There are a few questions to answer at the end. You just need to write a few sentances about your art at home experiences, because I want to know how you did? Double check all your answers and then submit.
    The form does not ask for any images of art work be loaded. Continue to send pictures to me if you would like them to be put in a slide show on my web site. Save your art work from the stay at home projects and I will put them on display when we are back in our classrooms!
    Fifth graders will receive end of year directions about how to get their art work from NPE in the future.
    Click on the underlined link below to fill out the Student Art Work Submission Form:
    NPE Art Distance Learning
    Pick one or more of the following options to explore for art this week. You can still do the lessons from previous weeks that are listed below. These themed lessons are for grades K-5, including some grade specific directions.
    (click the underlined links to access lessons)
    9. Water & Waves
    May 26 - 29, 2020
    Hockneys pool

    8. Line, Shape & Pattern
    May 18- 22, 2020
    sarah morris  

    7. LOCAL Philly Artists
    May 11 - 14, 2020
    FYI - May 15th is a teacher in-service day, enjoy your three day weekend!
     Joe Barker
    *This lesson is for grades K - 3.
    Kuala bear
    **This Lesson is for grades 4 & 5.
    You got This  Amberella
    ***This lesson is for grades K - 5.

    6. Portraiture
    May 4 - 8, 2020
    Have fun and send a photo! 

    5. Storytelling Art Lessons
    April 27 - May 1, 2020
    Mo LOGO
    Ice Cream Animation

    4. Earth Week Art Lessons,
    April 20 - 24, 2020

    Audubon Earth Week Lesson
    Sarah's example
    Earth Day lesson pic
    Have fun, send me your pictures!

    4/13/2020 - 4/17/2020
    Vincent van Gogh

    This is like the Getty Challenge on social media, where you find a favorite work of art and recreate it with things laying around your home. Ms. H. has made an example and recreated a famous work of art! Take a look; who is the painter; what is the name of the art work?



    Make flowers inspired by Geogia O'Keeffe.


    Wayne Cake

    Create delicious desserts like Wayne Thiebaud.

    2. Symmetry
     4/6/2020 - 4/10/2020
    • Symmetrical Robots, This lesson uses primarily geometric shapes that can be drawn by hand. For all students.




    1. COLOR
    3/30/2020 - 4/3/2020

    The Color Wheel

    Create your own color wheel! This lesson reviews primary and secondary colors on the color wheel.(No drawing materials needed: This lesson has an option to use household items to create your art.)


    Explore using warm and cool colors to change how someone feels when they look at your artwork. 


    Complementary Colors


    Discover complementary colors through color mixing!(This activity is best suited for older elementary students, or younger students with supervision.)