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WSSD Sustainability Committee
The Wallingford-Swarthmore School District Sustainability Committee recognizes the importance of protecting the natural environment to ensure a healthy and viable future for our children.

Toward that end, the Sustainability Committee seeks to:
1) Identify and recommend ways the District can use resources more efficiently
2) Promote and help coordinate sustainable practices throughout the District
3) Support K-12 sustainability and environmental education initiatives

The Sustainability Committee is committed to measuring the District's progress towards these goals and reporting results to the community it serves.
SRS received an $1,000 grant from the Swarthmore centennial foundation to start a composting pilot in hopes to establish a process for the entire school district to adopt next fall. Below, fourth graders Nathaniel, Olivia and Ryan stand next to outdoor collection bin.
 Composting at SRS
Below: WES fifth graders annually trek to Crum Creek to test for water quality.
 water testing  water testing
Crum Creek
 In addition to collecting observational data about the presence of species that indicate water quality, students complete testing for pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, temperature, phosphates, etc.
NPE Conservation Club
 NPE Conservation Clubbers love getting outdoors for an activity, book reading, or snack.