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Green Haven helped out at the Chester Ridley Creek Watersheds Association first tree planting of the Fall in September at Squire Cheyney Farm Park in Thornbury, Chester County.
Green Haven and aFewSteps co-sponsored a "carpool to school" competition in October 2014.  The top 3 winners got gas cards ($100, $75 and $50) and the first place winner got a prime parking spot. We'll go it again in the spring.
carpool to school
left to right - first-place winner Anthony Campanella, third-place winner Samantha Powers and
second-place winner Ned Newton.
Anthony Campanella- 5.5 people per day
Ned Newton- 4.1 people per day
Samantha Powers- 3.9 people per day
Jen Salvage, the GreenHaven advisor, estimated that based on the total number of 309 rides given, the top three winners saved 1,854 miles from being driven (using 6 miles as an average round trip for the students